ICAN - About UsICAN was formed in 1999 as an association of Christian neurodevelopmentalists:

•    To give God the honor and glory for designing us in a way that makes it possible to give hope to families with loved ones with learning and developmental problems and that this work is inspired by and directed by Him.

•    To give parents and loved ones of individuals on ICAN neurodevelopmental programs the assurance that we who are doing this work share their values.

•    To learn from the founders of the neurodevelopmental work and to collect their research and knowledge as much as possible to preserve their wisdom and insights.

•    To further the neurodevelopmental work through research and training in new areas as new information and breakthroughs occur.

•    Through interaction with each other, to share and develop new observations and to share experiences and information that may serve to further our work.

•    To provide a means to train and certify individuals committed to furthering this work.

•    To set professional standards of excellence for ourselves and for the professionals that we train so that this work may be continued in its development while maintaining standards of excellence.

Ministry Projects

Although we are a small group, we have seen and provided services for approximately 5000 individuals and their families through our regular travel and work as well continuing an expanding work of ministry.

In the last 11 years, the Lord has opened many new areas of ministry for ICAN certified neurodevelopmentalists.  Some of our ministry projects have included:

•    Working with an orphanage in Haiti.
•    Providing ICAN scholarships to Missionary families with children with developmental challenges.

•    Working with an assisted-living ranch for adults with disabilities to help improve their function and independence and to help them to learn new skills.

•    Assisting a Christian school in the Bahamas to bring this work to that country.

•    Instituting a new work in Canada for children with Down Syndrome to be used by more individuals in the school system there.

•    Establishing the work with several children with Down Syndrome in China.


Our heart is to continue this work with more research, training and support for those that wish to truly help expand and grow this work.

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