Building a Positive Token Economy With Tangible Rewards.

Neurodevelopmentalists have discovered that without an effective reinforcement system progress with auditory and visual sequential processing will be slow or non existent.  Thus, it is very important to understand the factors  which make an effective reinforcement system and to implement these consistently in your home program.

Success With Individualized Neurodevelopmental Plans

Congratulations! You are helping your child overcome his or her learning challenges. Your neurodevelopmentalist (ND) has designed a home "program" of activities or Individualized Neurodevelopmental Plan (INP) to help you reach your goals.  Here are some answers to frequently asked questions and suggestions from experienced parents and neurodevelopmentalists which may make the daily implementation of your INP more consistent and thus more successful.

Teaching Babies

The neurodevelopmental approach to learning has given much hope to those with learning, speech, mobility and academic problems.  By providing specific stimulation to eliminate sources of inefficiencies, function has been improved in all areas, labels have been defied, IQ's have changed and learning has been accelerated.

The logical next question is, if we can accelerate the learning of those with problems, what about those that appear to function normally? Can we accelerate the development of the "average" child or adult? Also, knowing these developmental steps, can we design an environment to help babies develop "superior" function and avoid making mistakes that have consequences later? The answer to this is...of course!

Organizing Our Children’s Brains

Many children come to us with problems related to learning, attention, or hyperactivity. These children usually have several of the following symptoms: short attention span, difficulty following directions, visual or auditory distractibility, hyperactivity or hypoactivity.

Phonics vs. Sight Reading:
the most important piece of information you need to know

The controversy between Phonics and sight reading has been a long standing argument.

Behavior In Special Needs Children:
What are our standards? What does the Bible say?

I think the worst day in our lives was the day we realized our son had autism. That first year following the diagnosis was a dreadful year of confusion, swirling in a sea of intense urgency and overwhelming grief. I’m positive that without the goodness and wisdom of our God, my husband and I would have surely drowned in that wild, black, torrent.

Train Them Up...
Practical and Godly Discipline for the Special Needs Child

Child discipline and training is a complex issue and when the child in question  has learning difficulties/special needs, that issue becomes much more intricate.

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